VIDEO: Mayor Terry Tornek of Pasadena speaks to SGVCOG

In case you missed it, here are Mayor Tornek's comments to the SGVCOG on June 18 regarding the proposed 710 Tunnel:

excerpts: "This is a knock down, drag out fight. This is a project that poses an existential threat to some of the communities that would be confronted with it."

"And I'm confident, without insulting anybody, that most of the people in the room have not read 200 of the 20,000 pages [of the Draft EIR], I've been through a couple hundred pages...My guess is that most of you haven't made a real effort to assimilate it. So, for you to be asked by the Transportation Committee to take a definitive position, an advocacy not consistent with the CEQA process."

"The Draft EIR process and CEQA is designed to provide good information for the decision make an informed decision and be sure they understand what all the consequences are. If the request coming from the Transportation Committee...was to instruct staff to forward comments, I thought that related to technical comments. There are no technical comments that have been proposed here tonight.  There are no comments at all apart from an advocacy position with regards to a project that clearly will have a detrimental affect on this organization."

"The active analysis of what's before us now has been underway for a relatively short period of time and has a series of profound technical questions that have not yet been answered. So I think, really, it would be irresponsible of this organization to take it upon itself to adopt an advocacy position...."

"I think we would be very foolish to move ahead with...what is apparently the recommendation of the Transportation Committee which is not to have us ask questions or make technical comments on the EIR but to advocate for one particular alternative."