The Right Alternatives

A Better Alternative to the Tunnel

To enhance the movement of both people and goods, the billions proposed for the 710 Tunnel would be better spent on east-west connections rather than north-south.  Examples include extending the Gold Line in both directions, enhancing east-west freight networks, connecting the Orange and Red Lines in the San Fernando Valley to the Gold Line, improving the Transportation System and Demand Management strategies through road improvements and traffic synchronization, and providing north-south Bus Rapid Transit service to connect communities and important destinations. 

Beyond The 710 believes that there is a better alternative to the Tunnel.  Land currently occupied by the north and south freeway stubs and the land in between could be developed sustainably, and provide local transit connections, more housing and recreation, and better access to an expanded Cal State Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, the current Caltrans Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) does not adequately consider these alternatives.  It seems stuck in 20th Century thinking, is designed to favor the tunnel project, gives short shrift to other alternatives, and presents a light rail alternative that would actually harm communities and not provide needed connectivity.  The DEIR needs to be revised to reflect modern planning priorities and recirculated for further comment.

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