RADIO: NPR's Market Place interview

Today's NPR Radio broadcast of the interview with former Assemblymember Anthony Portantino about alternatives to the 710 Tunnel can be heard online by clicking here

Market Place's host Kai Ryssdal interviewed Mr. Portantino on the site of the northern stub: Portantino_on_MarketPlace_6-18-15.JPG

Anthony Portantino, a former state assemblyman for the district where the 710 Gap is, has been "an opponent of this project for well over a decade."

"The best way to move people through the region is through a multimodal approach: light rail, bus systems, traffic circulation," Portantino says. "Let's do all of it, not just build a $10 billion hole in the ground that's going to make all of it worse."

That "hole in the ground" is a tunnel that would connect the 710 and 210 highways. It's one of the options that CalTrans, the state transportation agency, and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority have offered the community as a solution to the region’s congestion problem.

All of the other options would leave the gap open but tackle traffic with light rail, bus lines or fixes to existing roads. There also is an option to do nothing and leave it as is.  

Click here for the entire interview (image courtesy: MarketPlace/Youtube)