VIDEO Speakers oppose 710 Tunnel & support community alternatives

VIDEO -- Above is a playlist with excerpts from several speakers at the last public hearing on the SR 710(N) project. Below are the individual clips:

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Dr. Khubesrian speaks to SGVCOG on June 18, 2015

June 18, 2015. It's time to move forward with better alternatives says Dr. Marina Khubesrian, South Pasadena Councilmember and Vice Chair of BeyondThe710 coalition of 5 cities:

Excerpts from video below. Building a 710 Tunnel would:

  • increase cancer risk,
  • not to mention the "5-7 years of subjecting people to the traffic congestion, noise and truck pollution of construction and likely cost over-runs in the billions,"

Dr. Khubesrian also states that:

  • Induced demand is the reason that the Caltrans predicted congestion relief on the 405 never materialized after a billion dollar lane-widening project.
  • Induced demand is the reason that any benefit seen [from building a 710 Tunnel] will be temporary.
  • Induced demand is the reason vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions will significantly increase.

Take Action Today:


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RADIO: NPR's Market Place interview

Today's NPR Radio broadcast of the interview with former Assemblymember Anthony Portantino about alternatives to the 710 Tunnel can be heard online by clicking here

Market Place's host Kai Ryssdal interviewed Mr. Portantino on the site of the northern stub: Portantino_on_MarketPlace_6-18-15.JPG

Anthony Portantino, a former state assemblyman for the district where the 710 Gap is, has been "an opponent of this project for well over a decade."

"The best way to move people through the region is through a multimodal approach: light rail, bus systems, traffic circulation," Portantino says. "Let's do all of it, not just build a $10 billion hole in the ground that's going to make all of it worse."

That "hole in the ground" is a tunnel that would connect the 710 and 210 highways. It's one of the options that CalTrans, the state transportation agency, and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority have offered the community as a solution to the region’s congestion problem.

All of the other options would leave the gap open but tackle traffic with light rail, bus lines or fixes to existing roads. There also is an option to do nothing and leave it as is.  

Click here for the entire interview (image courtesy: MarketPlace/Youtube)

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VIDEO: NBC Channel 4 News interview with Ara Najarian -- June 10

Glendale Mayor and Metro Board Member Ara Najarian spoke to NBC Channel 4 News about transportation solutions, that move beyond the 710:

In case you missed it, here is NBC's June 1 interview with Rep. Adam Schiff:

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#‎BeyondThe710‬ in Alhambra ‪

 #‎BeyondThe710 in Alhambra. We need 21st century sustainable solutions -- not a tunnel.






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The Week In Review

In case you missed it, here's some news from this past week:

  • National Trust Joins ‘Beyond the 710’ in Fight Against Proposed Tunnel Embraces Forward Thinking Solutions Published:  The National Trust is joining the Beyond the 710 coalition to call on Caltrans, Metro of Los Angeles, and other key decision makers to embrace a progressive, forward-thinking model for transportation planning that is suitable for the 21st century needs of the Los Angeles metro area.
  • Beyond the 710 a welcome new voice in transit conversation: "...[L] last week [Rep.] Schiff joined a rapidly growing coalition of area cities — South Pasadena, Pasadena, Glendale, La Canada Flintridge and Sierra Madre — and forward-thinking national groups and individuals with a practical vision for solving transportation problems in the 710 corridor rather than a Looney-Tunes make-work hole in the ground whose billions could better be spent elsewhere."
  • Group Proposes Complete Streets Alternative to 710 Freeway Tunnel. An opposition group to an underground 710 freeway extension from Alhambra to South Pasadena presented its plan for an alternative to a tunnel proposed to close the 710 freeway gap through South Pasadena. Beyond the 710, a coalition of community organizations, environmental attorneys and five San Gabriel Valley cities, is advancing a plan
  • 710 Tunnel opponents: Don't extend the freeway. Opponents of building a freeway tunnel to connect the 710 to the 134 and 210 freeways have floated a new idea to solve one of Southern California's most vexing transportation disputes: they want to tear out the last mile of the 710 Freeway near Cal State Los Angeles and build a new, wide surface street to allow traffic to fan out.
  • Stuck in gridlock: Why 405 expansion didn't reduce rush hour delay. "A recent study commissioned by Metro crowed that drivers on the Sepulveda Pass section of the 405 freeway, one of the most congested stretches in the nation, are benefiting from a shorter rush hour after a five-year expansion project."
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Alternate Routes: Group calls for street upgrades, not 710 tunnel -- LA Times, California Section -- 5/29/2015

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Beyond The 710 Supporters at #CicLAvia

Here are some photos of BeyondThe710 supporters at CicLAvia today!

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Press Clips for Beyond the 710 Press Conference 5-28-201

Reports of Radio Coverage
5/28 & 5/29 on KNX1070 & KFI 640
TV Coverage
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
It was designed to speed motorists from Long Beach to Pasadena through the heart of Los Angeles County. But for decades, transportation officials struggled to find a politically acceptable way to fill a 4.5-mile break in the 710 Freeway without paving over ...
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Critics of a proposal to connect two freeways by tunneling four miles under neighborhoods in Los Angeles and several adjoining cities offered their own alternative Thursday. For decades, transportation planners have haggled over ...
The San Gabriel Valley Tribune
The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority adopted a $5.6 billion budget Thursday, a spending blueprint that has increased 44 percent, or about $2 billion, in the past five years. The behemoth bus, rail and highways agency known as ...
Glendale News Press / La Canada Online
Glendale News Press
A coalition of organizations and elected representatives from Glendale, La Cañada Flintridge, Pasadena and South Pasadena announced Thursday a transportation initiative they hope has enough merit to unseat plans for a multibillion-dollar 710 Freeway …
Pasadena Star-News / San Gabriel Valley Tribune (includes video)
The San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Rep. Adam Schiff addresses the crowd Thursday. The group called “Beyond the 710” held a press conference at 8 a.m. at the Union Station front entrance to Metro Gateway Plaza in Los Angeles. photo by Art Lemus. A group calling itself “Beyond the 710” on …
Metro headquarters and Los Angeles Union Station. Photo by John Schreiber. The Metro board approved a $5.56 billion budget Thursday for the regional transportation agency. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board of Directors …
South Pasadena Now
Pasadena Now
Los Angeles – May 28, 2015 – A group of cities and organizations today dramatically reshaped the debate over the 710 Tunnel today by announcing “Beyond the 710,” an effort to reimagine how to resolve the conflicts over congestion and mobility that have ...
Pasadena Now
A group of cities and organizations today dramatically reshaped the debate over the 710 Tunnel today by announcing “Beyond the 710,” an effort to reimagine how to resolve the conflicts over congestion and mobility that have divided the western San Gabriel ...



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VIDEO: Speakers at BeyondThe710 Press Conference (May 28)




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