Opponents of 710 Freeway extension offer alternatives to tunneling

By Dan Weikel 05/28/2015 

Opponents of a controversial proposal to extend the unfinished 710 Freeway unveiled a variety of options Thursday that they say would eliminate the need for an underground highway between Alhambra and Pasadena.

A coalition of community organizations, environmental attorneys and five San Gabriel Valley cities claims its Beyond the 710 plan could reset the longstanding debate over what to do about the 4.5-mile gap between Interstate 10 and the nexus of the 210 and 134 freeways.

Rather than extend the 710 by tunneling under homes and businesses at a cost of up to $5.6-billion, the group asserts that simply expanding bus service, improving surface streets, adding bicycle routes and developing more walkable communities will better address traffic congestion, air pollution and the transportaton needs of the west San Gabriel Valley. (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)

Community Turns Out to Hear About Potential of 710 Tunnel 

By Bill Glazier 05/21/2015

Using an old basketball analogy, a panel of transportation and legal officials protected their home court during the SR-710 Community Workshop last week at South Pasadena Middle School, addressing the potential of a tunnel running below the surface of town.The message left by one panelist, Delaine Shane, an environmental planning professional, was to get involved, urging residents to protect South Pasadena from the threat of the proposed 710 Freeway Tunnel. (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)

710 Battle Royale Inches Toward Conclusion

By Neal Broverman 05/15/2015

The decades-long conundrum of the 710 freeway, which ends abruptly in South Pasadena and spills cars and trucks onto residential streets, continues to confound planners. But an answer may slowly but surely be arriving. (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)

Schiff calls on Metro to reject 710 tunnel plans

By André Coleman 05/14/2015

In a letter opposing building a tunnel to connect the Long Beach (710) Freeway with the Foothill (210) Freeway, US Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) called on the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board of Directors to take a more innovative approach to alleviating traffic problems. (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)

Commentary: Has The Fix Been In On The 710 Tunnel All Along?

By John Crawford 05/10/15

There is a heavily used bureaucratic term that reveals more than intended. It is called “The Process,” and for many who have chosen to spend unremarkable lives working in the vast cloaca maxima of government in Los Angeles County, it has a near religious significance. “The Process,” in case you are not aware, is a procedure where new ideas and projects are nurtured from infancy and eventually brought into being. All of which sounds fairly benign.However, it also has the unfortunate effect of dominating the debate on an issue as important as, say, the 710 Tunnel. (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)

Schiff Writes Letter to Metro Board Members Opposing 710 Tunnel Alternative After EIR Released

By Pasadena Independent 05/06/2015

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) sent a letter to Chairman Eric Garcetti and members of the Los Angeles Metro Board opposing the SR-710 North freeway tunnel alternative proposed in the SR-710 North Study by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro). In the letter, Schiff pushes the Board and Metro to instead study a more innovative, multimodal approach, combining mass transit, bikeways, new parks to improve air quality and more efficient ways of moving cargo. (CLICK HERE TO READ FULL LETTER

The 710 and Measure R2: Can Los Angeles Build Transit and Beat Its Addiction to Asphalt?

By Roger Rudick 04/22/15

“We have to build an army of people who are willing to say ‘enough is enough,’” said Mayor Eric Garcetti at Wednesday’s MoveLA conference at Union Station, speaking of the region’s traffic and pollution problems. He was there, along with hundreds of other county and city leaders, drumming up support for Measure R2, a proposed sales tax measure to raise more money for transit. A recurring theme at the conference was the need to reduce the number of cars. (CLICK HERE TO READ FULL LETTER)

Report Finds Caltrans Incompetent and Lagging Behind Sustainability Trends

By Stephen J. Smith 01/31/2014

As it had done in many states before, the State Smart Transportation Initiative (SSTI), housed at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, was asked to assess the performance of the California Department of Transportation, popularly known as Caltrans. Its findings, released this month, aren’t so pretty. (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)