Dr. Khubesrian speaks to SGVCOG on June 18, 2015

June 18, 2015. It's time to move forward with better alternatives says Dr. Marina Khubesrian, South Pasadena Councilmember and Vice Chair of BeyondThe710 coalition of 5 cities:

Excerpts from video below. Building a 710 Tunnel would:

  • increase cancer risk,
  • not to mention the "5-7 years of subjecting people to the traffic congestion, noise and truck pollution of construction and likely cost over-runs in the billions,"

Dr. Khubesrian also states that:

  • Induced demand is the reason that the Caltrans predicted congestion relief on the 405 never materialized after a billion dollar lane-widening project.
  • Induced demand is the reason that any benefit seen [from building a 710 Tunnel] will be temporary.
  • Induced demand is the reason vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions will significantly increase.

Take Action Today: www.BeyondThe710.org/action